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Hi~ I'm E, nice to meet you ;)

My name is Chunjia Ouyang, although I prefer to go by E. I am a product designer and my primary area of expertise is designing apps and web pages. I have been working in an aesthetic field for nearly ten years - as a visual designer, art teacher, photographer and blogger. I first discovered multimedia design in 2015 when I enrolled in the web design and new media program at the Academy of Art University, where I developed a variety of technical skills using programs such as Sketch, Figma, Photoshop, etc. I developed my design thinking by applying my previous knowledge and research in aesthetics and adapting it to incorporate user-centric design strategies.

Throughout the program, I learned new ways to be creative in the multimedia design space, and am thrilled to have found my career path.I believe that the collective interest is higher than personal interest, and have had the chance to prove my leadership skills. In the various collaborative projects I worked on, I was responsible for leading the design direction, especially the process and development of new ideas. I distributed work amongst the team and built an environment centered on clear and consistent communication. I built trust amongst my teammates by being flexible and reliable, and I set the example for what it means to be professional.

If given the opportunity, I know I will be a strong contribution to your team. Thank you ;)